Manage your website . . .
. . . not your technology.

We understand that you want to get in, change your content, and get back to work.

Content Management Systems for websites

Our Website Control Panel is built to your specifications - nothing to download or install - and free from software templates that download constant external "updates". Your web control panel will work from any computer, all the time, consistently from year to year, and it can be expanded as your business grows.

Don't try to squeeze your business into someone else's box!

Why is our Website Control System better?

With our CHEF content management system, you have exactly the control you want, without a page full of confusing options that you don't use. The administrator interface is intuitive, self-explanatory and efficient.

Are you looking for document folders, departmental pages, calendars or other special task editors? Just tell us what you need and let us build exactly the right set of controls for your individual business. Of course, if your needs change, we can work with that, too! Everything we build is modular and expandable to serve your unique business as it grows.

Get the right solution and get back to running your business.

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